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The prepress department in our printing house consists of highly trained personnel and special software programs. The company has bought the fully licensed versions of the Signa Station and MetaDimension programs (part of the Prinect workflow, developed by the company Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG).

One of our main services is converting the files you provide us into files ready for printing. Your files have to be sent to the company e-mail- adress and have to meet a couple of special requirements:

In case you don't understand our file requirements or in case you still have difficulties before sending us your files, the printing house offers the oppurtunity to work individually with one of our employes from the prepress department.

In order to satisfy our customer needs we also offer some design services for optimization and improvement of the print quality. If you already have the files ready for printing then you might be interested in finding out how much a certain product would cost. In that case you could use the following inquiry.


File extensions Text Illustrations Pictures
1. Only the following file extensions are being accepted for conversion into printing files: *.CDR, *.EPS, *.PDF or *.TIFF. 1. In case you are using CorelDraw, all fonts have to be converted into curves. 1. All Illustrations have to be rasterized or vectorized into CMYK objects. 1. Always save in CMYK-color mode. If possible even: Process CMYK.
2. The file extensions *.PS, *.PDF or *.PRN - for direct imaging. 2. In case of using InDesign - save files as InDesign CS or lower version. 2. Files with the *.TIFF extension have to be uncompressed and with a minimum of 300 dpi. 2. Resolution: minimum 300 dpi
3. CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Quark XPress, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop also get accepted.   3. In case of using Illustrator - save files as Illustrator CS or lower version. 3. In case of using Photoshop - save files as Photoshop CS or lower version.