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Our printing house uses only sheetfed-offset printing machines. The offset printing technlogy has advanced a lot in the past 20 years and has proven to be the most cost effective, high quality printing method in the printing industry.

The high tech equipment and all the software programs that back up the partly automated workflow are a prerequisite for the personnel to work according to german standards, highly motivated, with a lot of precision and without any difficulties. All our printing presses are last generation presses, which allow the printing of the common CMYK-inks, as well as the special Pantone-inks. Our technical equipment is specialized for printing on the following materials:

  • uncoated paper (ordinary)
  • coated paper (glossy or matte)
  • self-adhesive paper
  • label paper
  • cardboard up to 0,8 mm, max 50х70 cm
  • packing cardboard up to 0,5 mm, max 35х50 cm
  • luxury cardboards and
  • PVC foil

In cooperation with our expert partners, our printing house also offers the following services: hot foil and blind embossing, as well as UV-varnishing in order to achieve special effects, e. g. high glossy surfaces.