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The print house offers a special combination of technological equipment, designed so that the production times are lowered to its minimum and room for errors are removed. The special organization and the almost fully automated workflow allows the most effective way a print order could run and lowers the production time (according to the different types of orders) to its minimum of 1 hour. Such express orders are possible only because of our German high tech printing equipment:

  1. Exposure machines:
  2. Printing machines:
  3. Postpress machines
    • High-Speed Cutter POLAR 92x
    • Polar 78
    • Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti52 Proline (Folding machine)
    • Rototating die cutting machine, format up to 450 х 550 mm
    • Piston punching machine
    • Heidelberg EUROBIND 600 (Adhesive binding machine)
    • Laminating machine FOLIANT
    • HORIZON BQ-470 + HT-80 book binding line
    • Perforating, creasing, staple binding, foiling machines
    • Machines for metal strips up to 70 cm
    • Machines for hole boring (drilling) with a diameter of 3 to 10 mm
    • Automatic staple binding machine
    • Wire-o-binding machines RENZ


Heidelberg Prosetter

Fully automated exposure machine for printing plates. The Suprasetter range is the most renowned of the Heidelberg CtP-exposure machines. Loading, running through and unloading of the printing plates is fully automated, which allows the processing of up to 15 to 20 (according to their size) plates per hour.


Heidelberg Speedmaster 52-4-H

A completely new printing press with a large set of extras, including a dryer, automatical plate changer and more. This machine is the fastest of them all, capable of printing with a speed of 15.000 sheets per hour. The machine has 4 printing units, so that it's possible to print the common CMYK-inks in one print run (most pictures or illustrations are based on the CMYK-color mode, which requires exactly 4 printing units).

Min. sheet size 105 х 145 mm
Max. sheet size 370 x 520 mm
Max. print format 360 x 520 mm
Paper (Weight) 30- 380 g/ sq.m
Paper thickness 0,03 to 0,4 mm
Max. printing speed 15.000 sheets/ hour


Heidelberg SORM Z 72

Offset printing machine for big size products, like posters, newspapers and others. The machine has 2 printing units and it can print with max. speed of 12.000 sheets per hour. In order to secure the high quality of the products the machines have special sensors, which monitor the feeder of the printing machines, meaning they monitor if the sheets enter the first printing unit correctly.

Min. sheet size 280 х 400 mm
Max. sheet size 520 х 740 mm
Max. print format 510 х 720 mm
Paper (Weight) 30- 380 g/ sq.m
Paper thickness 0.8 mm
Max. printing speed 12.000 sheets/ hour


Heidelberg GTO 52

The smallest offset printing machine. This machine is used for the small, monochromatic products and could also be used for perforation, creasing and numbering (e. g. for numbering of invoices).

Min. sheet size 105 х 180 mm
Max. sheet size 360 х 520 mm
Max. print format 340 х 505 mm
Paper (Weight) 30- 380 g/ sq.m
Paper thickness 0,03 to 0,4 mm
Max. printing speed 8.000 sheets/ hour


High-Speed Cutter POLAR 92x

  • Guillotine width: 920 mm
  • Pile height: 130 mm
  • Guillotine depth: 920 mm


Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti52 Proline

  • Folds: 4 parallel and 1 perpendicular
  • Min. sheet size: 100 х 150 mm
  • Max. sheet size: 520 х 840 mm


Heidelberg EUROBIND 600

  • Execution: 1300 cycles/ hour
  • Paper density: 60-135 g/ sq.m
  • Block thickness: 2-45 mm
  • Cover density: 120-300 g/ sq.m
  • Adhesive temperature: 210° С